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Configure LDAP Server on SmartOS using OpenLDAP

I had a hard time finding a guide for installing and configuring a basic LDAP server on SmartOS. Therefore, I wrote this blog. This is a very basic installation that will get LDAP server up and running. There is no SSL encryption in this guide. I understand its importance, but it is outside the scope of this writing. This guide is for people to get something up and running. I assume that you already have a SmartOS local zone running on your machine. Refer to my previous post if not. The global zone of SmartOS is immutable, therefore, you’ll not be able to do any installation on it. This is by design. Install Package SmartOS uses NetBSD’s package manager. The command is pkgin. The following command will install the openldap server package on your local zone. pkgin install openldap-server Configure LDAP Server The default directory for the configuration files is cd /opt/local/etc/openldap/. Here you’ll find sldapd.conf. SmartOS hasn’t adopted the new way of configuring LDAP server (i.e.

Configure a Basic DNS Server on SmartOS using Bind9

Photo by Kelvin Ang on Unsplash SmartOS is a Unix operating system that is focusing on virtualization. It’s based on the Illumos kernel (i.e. Open Solaris) It consists of an immutable OS that can be loaded into the memory via a USB key. Administrators can leverage the Solaris technology such as ZFS, zone, DTrace and Crossbow. It can also create VMs using KVM and bhyve technologies.